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What is this mysterious number that has fascinated Christians for nearly 2,000 years? You CAN know the answer, and what it will mean for your life! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Tranquillité d’esprit

ASIRIA: El resurgente imperio perdido

Warum Weihnachten?

Моральный распад человечества T545


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2021 in Review and 2022 in Bible Prophecy

L'Apocalypse révélée

El 2022 en Profecía Bíblica

Zeitleiste mit 3 Tagen und Nächten - Ostern / Passah

Кто они, четыре всадника? T547

FOUR Problems Many Christians Have With Christmas...

Dieu est-Il juste?

Conozca al Anticristo

Das "Ende der Welt" aus der Offenbarung auf einer Zeitleiste erklärt

Судный день для народов T551

Where Did the Apostles Go?

Jesus gave the Apostles a commission to reach the scattered Israelite peoples. Do you know how widely they traveled, and what it means for us today? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Le Jour du Seigneur approche

Estamos en los tiempos del fin (6 señales)

Sinn des Lebens

Четыре пророчества для Германии T543

To Walk with God

Noël et ses traditions

Esté atento al Medio Oriente

Погружаясь в хаос T548

Will the US Be "Great Again" According to Bible Prophecy? (Banned on TV ...

Échappez à la grande tribulation

Apocalipsis: descifrando el misterio

После конца мира T538

THIS Is What Jesus and the Bible Say about Christmas... Is Christmas a C...

La fête de Noël est elle païenne?

Seven Curses to Come on America

La pierre de la destinée

El anticristo se aproxima

Космические войны T555

Where Would Jesus Go To Church?

Thousands of religious groups claim to represent the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Yet many of these groups teach doctrines entirely contradictory to each other. Is there a Church today that truly represents what Jesus Himself taught? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Y a-t-il une vie après la mort?

¿Es la Navidad una fiesta pagana?

Будущие потрясения T554

7 Letters to the 7 Churches of Revelation Finally Explained

Le Jour de l’Éternel selon la prophétie biblique

Cuál es la edad de la Tierra

Что происходит, когда вы умираете? T553

TW Short: The Lost Empire of the Assyrians

Enfin la paix!

Los que se preparan para el fin del mundo

Высвободите силу пророчеств T552

Counterfeit Christianity

Millions of well-meaning churchgoers are deceived! They think they are worshiping the Jesus Christ of the Bible. In fact, however, they are giving their praise to a crafty counterfeit. How can you be sure your Jesus is the real Jesus Christ? You need to know! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

La bête

La inminente gran tribulación

О мотыльках и людях T550

Four Key Problems With Christmas

The Truth About Christmas Traditions: Are They Wrong?

You Can Understand the Bible

Alerte a la nation

Имеете ли вы покой в разуме? T558



A Sabbath Rest for a Stressed Out World | God Designed the Sabbath for M...

Les clés du mystère

¡La esperanza que ud. necesita!

Как вам победить дьявола? T556

预 言 中 的 美 国 和 大 不 列 颠


The Death of Marriage

Around the world, age-old assumptions about marriage are being ignored, challenged and even rejected. A growing movement seeks to redefine marriage entirely. How will this affect our world? How will it affect you? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Un Quatrième Reich

Почему крещение? T563



Bible says: SATAN Rules the World - The Main Reason for Pain and Sufferi...

La prophétie biblique

La historia secreta del infierno

Война сатаны против семьи T534



The Secret of the Seven Churches

While imprisoned, the Apostle John received a marvelous vision, and he wrote down what he saw in the book we call “Revelation.” This ancient prophecy contained messages for the Christian Churches of the first century, and for successive eras of the Christian Church down through time, until the return of Jesus Christ. This program reveals the secrets of the seven Churches. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Une grande séduction

La misión de la Obra de Dios

Молитвы и обетования T546



Fixez-vous des limites?

Cronología del FIN DEL MUNDO

Чудо Дюнкерка T562



The Day of the Lord Explained: Seven Trumpets and Seven Last Plagues

5 Vital Points Jesus Taught in Order to Pray Effectively | The Model Pra...

What Is the Great Tribulation?

Jesus Christ will return! The Bible is absolutely clear on this glorious fact! But there are many events prophesied to occur before that return. And the one that is perhaps most speculated about is a period of time called “The Great Tribulation.” Christ tells us that this will be terrifying like no other—devastating for the world, and for the U.S. and Great Britain, in particular. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

La révélation

Armagedón se aproxima

Камень судьбы T557