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Blessed Are the Merciful


Comment exercer l'autorité ?

Is Tolerance the Answer? - TWNow

In our age of rage where social scientists search for answers and solutions, tolerance and tolerance education have been tapped as the primary peaceful solution. But, is tolerance a well-intentioned yet misguided effort? Find out now! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Marketing of Covetousness and Greed

We can all desire a commodity, an improvement or achievement, without being driven by greed. Greed is more than desire. It is, as the definition stated, a craving for MORE than one needs. It is often associated with a desire for acquisition, position or recognition at any expense, regardless of whom it may harm. There are some in society who view greed as a positive motivator of Western economic development. Is it possible to determine if our present society has a problem with greed? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Read to Your Children

It has been said that "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." There is great value in reading, both for the parent and the child. So how often do you read to your children? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Les turbulences de 2019 préparent ce qui vient

How Can you find real happiness? - TWNow

Happiness seems to be the life goal of most people. But is seeking happiness at all costs the way to find it? Are there any keys to happiness that most people miss? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Three Basics to BETTER Understand Bible Prophecy in the End-Time

Many people study their Bibles faithfully, but there is a large part of the Bible that eludes many: Bible Prophecy. Its symbols and ancient references can seem confusing and bewildering. Yet, if there were ever a day when Bible prophecy was of life-or-death importance, it’s today! The news around us is packed with prophetic significance, and God has long foretold events that we are seeing unfold around us right now! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Woman by Design


Interview: Animal Sacrifices and the Temple Mount

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is considered the most contested piece of real estate on earth. Will animal sacrifices once again be carried out at this site or was Solomon's Temple in a different location? We interviews Mr. Raymond Clore, a former U.S. State Department Senior Advisor with experience in Jerusalem and the Middle East with experience in Jerusalem and the Middle East, to discuss what the future holds for Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

THIS Is Why Family and Children Are so Important to God and to Society!

Has the traditional family unit, or the concept of family in general, become obsolete? Like it or not, there is no debate that the structure of the average family is very different than 50, 25 or even 10 years ago. At what cost? At what cost to the individuals immediately affected, especially children? And at what cost to humanity as a whole as we try to retain society while removing one of its core foundations—the family? Does Family Matter? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

FIVE Bible Predictions Happening RIGHT NOW!

See five clearly stated predictions from the Bible that are either already being fulfilled or are unfolding before your very eyes. It predicted details about Jerusalem, communications, transportation, population, and mankind's state. See what the Bible predicts for our day and beyond. There is hope for you and your family, beyond the troubles and turmoil of today. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Water Baptism IS Necessary for Salvation! - TWNow

Baptism is a concept that impacts the actions of those who call themselves Christian. Is there a "right" or "wrong" way to baptize? And, is water baptism really necessary for salvation? Find out now! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

What Is God’s Spirit and What Does It Mean for You?


Unlocking the Mystery

The biblical book of Revelation is filled with mysterious symbols: multi-headed beasts, locusts who punish men, a star that falls from heaven, and a burning mountain thrown into the sea which destroys one third of the fish of the sea. Revelation is an unusual book, but it holds vital information for your future. Learn how to unlock the mystery of Revelation! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Pentecost, The Spiritual Beginning


Darwinism IS Dead!

Is Darwinian evolution the fact you’ve been told it is? Or is there reason to doubt Darwin? Many discoveries made over the last half century call into question whether life as we know it could possibly be the result of random chance. And if empirical evidence is not on Darwin’s side, this has serious implications for how we got here, and whether there is a purpose for our existence. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Is Stress Killing You? - TWNow

So many people today express that they are "stressed out." Even children are experiencing the results of stress-filled lives. Stress-related autoimmune diseases abound and experts suggest that 80%-90% of all disease is stress-related. Is stress and its consequences just something we have to suffer through, or is there a way to escape its clutches? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Do You Know the Real Jesus? - John Ogwyn

Was Jesus Christ a long-haired effeminate-looking hippie, a left wing liberal, or right wing fanatic? Was He a poor hobo who stumbled around with a sad look on His face and limp wrists? Was He just a poor little baby away in a manger? Or was He someone all together different from the Jesus you have heard about? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Pentecost, John Ogwyn (2005)


Is Evolution a Fact?