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How Can You KNOW God?

Is God real to you? Is He an active presence in your life, or is He a distant and unknown figure? Maybe you think of God as an impersonal force that does not care about you personally. There is a way you can know God and let Him change your life! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Answered Prayer

In our troubled world, with terror, war, disease and tragedy all around us, we need God's help more than ever. We can have that help through prayer. Do you know how to get answers to your prayers? In this program, you will learn four vital keys to answered prayer! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Bible: Fact or Fiction?

How important is the Bible to you? In recent years, atheists and agnostics have increased their attack on God and the Bible. Is this book just a compilation of nomadic stories and myths? Or is this book the revelation of a Creator God who loves you and all human beings on earth? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

A Scientific Approach to Morality

Scientific studies have proved advantageous in learning how best to implement all kinds of diverse programs. Could we examine morality through the same logic? Would we find that the results of certain actions outlawed in the Bible carry consequences that hurt ourselves and those around us? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO


Bible prophecy is not just some dusty old academic subject. Fulfilled prophecy not only proves the reality of God's power; it can give you hope and purpose and encouragement that will change your life forever! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Why Is America Declining?

Despite high unemployment and inflation at home, and growing unpopularity abroad, the United States may still be the world's sole superpower, but its influence and prestige are declining as never before. Why? Your Bible gives the answer! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

You Can Be Healed

Many people suffer from sickness and disease and it seems that more and more need doctor’s care. Does God heal today? And, most importantly, can YOU be divinely healed? What roles do faith, repentance and Jesus’ sacrifice play in divine healing? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO


Understanding Bible prophecy can fill you with hope and encouragement! Knowing what God has prophesied will help you and your loved ones face difficult times ahead, and will fill your life with meaning as never before! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO