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TW Answers--How Should a Man Treat His Wife?


Who are the 24 Elders?--TW Answers


El 2021 en profecía bíblica

The REAL Jesus (free DVD)

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What Did Jesus Promise in Luke 23:43?--TW Answers

Shortly before taking His last breath, Jesus made a startling promise to a man who was being crucified next to Him. This promise has resulted in much misunderstanding over the centuries. What Did Jesus Promise in Luke 23:43 ? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Выжить в трудные времена T498

How Long Was Each Day of Creation?--TW Answers

The FOUR Ways to Love Other People... How to "Love Your Neighbor as Your...

The Three Main Reasons 2020 Was So Messed Up

Jesus Christ DID Exist -- and Still Does

Whom Did Cain Marry?

Reading the early portion of Genesis can lead to many interesting questions. Today we’ll ask and answer, “Whom did Cain marry?” CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

What Are Angels?--TW Answers

Is the Kingdom of God Within You?--TW Answers

Does the Bible Forbid Alcohol?--TW Answers


Did Paul Do Away With the Law?--TW Answers

There are many sincere people in the world that define themselves as Christian, who believe the New Testament, and in particular the Apostle Paul taught the Law of God was done away. Is that really the case? There are clear scriptures that indicate not only what Paul taught the Christians of his day (both Jew and Gentile alike), as well as how he conducted himself. Let us look to these clear passages and as we ask: "Did Paul Do Away With the Law?" CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Polar Bears are NOT Going Extinct!

Les précieuses Fêtes du printemps

Amazing Bible Prophecies: Fulfilled!

D'où viennent les oeufs de Pâques

Prepare for the Passover

Наша судьба в космосе T506

Siete señales de la segunda venida