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Germany Will Lead Europe Again! - TWNow

Germany and the German people are known for their drive and industriousness. Germany has been a powerful leader of Europe in decades and millennia past. But will Germany lead Europe again? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Society Will COLLAPSE Without God - The Question Is: WHEN?

The world is at a crossroads. Some predict we have only decades to go before society falls to pieces. They say environmental disasters, depletion of resources, and economic inequalities may lead to the end of civilization. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Is Cremation Biblical

While the most frequent example provided for us is that of burial, we can read several instances of righteous individuals whose bodies were dealt with in different manners after death. In short, the Bible teaches that the manner of a person's burial is not of great importance. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Blame Game

Have you ever played the blame game?  Is there ever a winner in this game that many play? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Hope of the Dead!

We’ve all lost loved ones and friends to death. We mourn their loss and honor their memory. Will they ever live again? Atheists believe there is no future for the dead. Some religious people believe that they may be reincarnated in a dog or a cat. Others believe they have an immortal soul that will either go to heaven or hell when they die. What is the truth? Is there life after death? Is there any hope for the dead? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Alerte prophétique

What and Where is the Kingdom of God?

The concept of the Kingdom of God has long been a fixture of Christianity. The phrase "Kingdom of God" is often used by Jesus Christ and His disciples, including the Apostle Paul. Yet, as prevalent as the term is in modern Christianity, there appears to be confusion about what the Kingdom of God IS and WHERE it is… or where it will be. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Lips of the Righteous: Conversation Acceptable to God


Evolution: What are holes in Darwin’s theory?

Darwin's Origin of Species revolutionized the scientific world. His hypotheses are grand and appear to create a relatively simple explanation for the origin of life without the need for a Creator. But, there are holes in Darwin's seemingly bullet-proof theory! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Feminism and Abortion

REAL Women of Canada is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-denominational organisation, with their national office based in Ottawa, Ontario. They have been supporting traditional family values since their formation in 1983. We met with Diane Watts to discuss REAL Women's viewpoint on the role feminism has played in government support and funding for abortion. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Future of Humanity Is NOT What You Think...


Pouquoi sommes-nous appelés ?

Can Jerusalem Survive?

Nowhere is the specter of war more probable than in the volatile Middle East. It’s a dangerous place when policymakers are, as Mikhail Gorbachev says, “confused and at a loss.” Conflicts that start small in one part of the world can quickly spread to all parts of the world. In effect, no place is safe! The tiny nation of Israel, and its chief city Jerusalem, are at the core of many Middle Eastern problems. Can Jerusalem survive the current and future volatility surrounding its very existence? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

What Is the Day of the Lord?

You have likely heard the expression “The Lord’s Day”, or “The Day of the Lord”. In many cases the speaker will infer this is referring to Sunday as a day or religious worship. However this assumption is not in any way supported by the Scripture itself. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO


The Bible details the dream of ancient king Nebuchadnezzar and also reveals its interpretation and prophetic importance. Major parts of this dream have already come true, just as the Bible predicted, but other parts have yet to be fulfilled. Even now the stage is being set for their fulfillment. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Joab: A Study in Second Fiddle


Le Deuxième Commandement

There's A Hole In The Bucket Orchid

In the amazing catalog of amazing things that fill the earth, one discovers a myriad of examples of incredible intricacy, that demonstrate just how how complex both life-forms and their cycles can be. The diverse and complex methods used by flowering plants to reproduce, present such an example. Especially the extraordinary case of the Bucket Orchid CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Independence Day: Are we truly free?


Souvenez-vous de la femme de Lot

TW Answers--How Long Was Each Day of Creation?

In an attempt to align the Creation account in Genesis with modern theories on the beginning of life, some have tried to argue that each day of creation spoken of in Genesis actually lasted a thousand or million years rather than 24 hours. How long was each day of Creation? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

What Is Freedom?

Throughout history there has been a cry for freedom. Jesus Christ told the Jews of His day that "the truth shall make you free." But free from what? Many were offended, thinking that they would gain freedom from their Roman rulers, yet He was speaking of a different kind of freedom But what did Jesus Christ mean, and how can you experience real freedom? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO