Hope for the Next Generation


Lessons From the Golden Calf

The Hope of the Resurrection

What Could Turn You Back?

Training for the Right Army

Biblical Principles for the Trump Era

Thanksgiving and Our National Purpose

Jesus Christ and the Samaritans

Take Heed How You Hear

The Vital Overlooked Seventh Law: Lessons From Asa

Trust and Obey

Don't Go Through the Motions

The Church of God - Next Generation

Paul's Final Instruction to the Ephesians

The Importance of True Government

Four Lessons from the Exodus

Claim God's Promises

Three Keys to the Kingdom

Are You an Overcomer?

The Strength to Yield

Benefits of Godly Fear

Maintaining Truth and God's Watchful Care

Raising Daughters, Raising Godly Women

Stimulate Your Prayer Life

Behind the Work 2014 - Our Philadelphian Mission

Peter and the Key-Man Principle

Honor Your Parents Always

Empathy and Compassion

Will We Be a Part of God's Future?

Two Aspects of Righteous Leadership

Prepare to be a King

Last Great Day

The Foundation of Leadership

Seven Keys to Spiritual Recovery

Hope for the Future

Who Do You Trust?

Paul's Promissory Postcard

All Is Vanity, Or Is It?

God's People Must Fast

Fairness: The Cause of Destruction

Are You Pleasing God?

Peace That Surpasses Understanding

"Is It Okay?" Is the Wrong Question

Make Your Home a Haven of Peace

Godly Fatherhood

Biblical Principles of Mental and Spiritual Health

Spiritual Combat

How Do We Know Right from Wrong?

Love Thinks No Evil

The Power of Gratitude

The Product of the Kingdom

What the Last Great Day Means for Mankind

The Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day — TWNow Episode_80

Establishing the Kingdom

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Three Letters From the Millennium

The Bride of Christ

Living Church of God Youth: The Next Generation