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War In The Middle East! - TWNow

The Middle East seems to be a ticking time bomb! Dictators are overthrown, dictators are proclaiming life rule, the Temple Mount is continually in the news and nations, all appear to be against Israel, and everyone seems to want a piece of Jerusalem. When will all-out war begin in the Middle East? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

No Immortal Soul - Herbert W. Armstrong

Grab your Bible and follow Mr. Armstrong, and PROVE for yourself what the Bible teaches about death, the soul and where the lies all began. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

What Makes You Sure You Are In the Church of God?

Mr. Apartian expounds spiritual insights on why people leave the Truth, and the Church of God. Are there steps we can take to make sure we do not fall into that category? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Prophecy of the Place of Safety


Canada's Personal Debt Crisis

Speaking at the Chamber of Commerce in Yellowknife, Stephen Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada stated it succinctly, "For most Canadians debt is a fact of life, at least at some point" ("Canada's Economy and Household Debt: How Big Is the Problem?", May 1, 2018). Canadian household debt has surpassed $2 trillion. That's more than $54,000 per person. This is Canada's Personal Debt Crisis. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The War on Patriarchy

Early television portrayed husbands and fathers in a positive light. Consider Ozzie and Harriett and Father Knows Best, for those old enough to remember. Both men and women were shown positively, but it wasn’t long before sitcoms portrayed men as incompetent, bumbling oafs who needed their wives to save them from themselves. Men became the butt of all jokes. We see the attack on male culture in academia and in the media in general. Where is all this leading? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Five MAIN Steps to Know God Better


Feast of Firstfruits


What is BIBLICAL Christianity?

Have you ever wondered why some people reject Christianity? Some professing Christians teach doctrines that to any thinking person seem totally strange and unreasonable. For example, some teach that even if you never hear the name of Jesus Christ during your lifetime, you will be tormented in hell-fire for eternity! Yet, this is NOT what your Bible teaches! You need to know what your Bible REALLY teaches about the Christianity of Jesus Christ, genuine biblical Christianity! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Could You Be Deceived?

Deceived people, by definition, do not know they are deceived. How can you be sure that you know the truth? The answer can be found in God’s Word, the Holy Bible! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

How to Overcome Satan

Your Bible tells of a literal spirit war that will erupt in the next few years! Do you believe in a real Satan, the devil? Do you realize that millions of wicked spirits plague the earth? The truth is that God created angelic spirits -- some of whom turned against Him. Those evil beings now seek to bring suffering and turmoil to our world and its people -- especially to true Christians! How can you overcome Satan and his demons? Your Bible has the answer! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Pentecost: How It Relates to You and Me


The Death of Honesty - TWNow

There was a time in many nations when your word was your bond. Honesty was the best policy. When parents used to "wash their children's mouths out with soap" when they lied. Even the comic book hero Superman fought for "truth, justice and the American way." What happened to truth? Is honesty dead? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

TW Answers: Did Jesus Reduce the Ten Commandments to Two?

During His time on earth Jesus made many comments about both the law of God and the need for His followers to exemplify an outgoing concern for the welfare of others. Sometimes the notion that Jesus did away with His Father’s law is expressed by various groups, and they look to find evidence to support this view in the Scriptures. "Did Jesus reduce the Ten Commandments to just two?" CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Biblical Holy Days - Part 1

Why do most professing Christians forsake the observance of the Holy Days mentioned in their own Bible and substitute holidays that were never celebrated by Jesus Christ or His Apostles? Does it really matter which days we keep? What do God's Holy Days reveal about your future? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO The Biblical Holy Days - Part 2 CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Understanding China: The Sleeping Lion Awakes - TWNow

China is routinely in the news. Commentators analyze China’s economy, its actions related to human rights and often predict China’s intentions. But how accurate is the information we are presented with about China? Why does China take the actions that it does?

Remember Lot's Wife


Bring Back The Family Dinner

Do you Want to improve your health and the health of your family members, while strengthening your relationship with your spouse and children? Do you Want to help improve your child's grades while reducing your level of stress? If you do, It's time to bring back the family dinner. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

"The Trinity, Fact or Fiction?" -- TWNow Episode_17

Wyatt Ciesielka is joined by Peter Nathan and Ken Frank to examine and discuss the fallacies of the trinity doctrine. What is the history of the Trinity doctrine and why was it instituted by various Christian groups over time? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

An Extreme Makeover


Is There Hope For Mankind?

With wars, natural disasters and disease epidemics all around us, can we expect a better future? Your Bible reveals the encouraging answer! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Evolution and Creation: What Both Sides Miss

Many claim that life has evolved over billions of years through blind forces of nature. Others declare that the earth, and even the whole universe, was created by God only 6,000 years ago. Both ideas can't be right. But both can certainly be wrong . CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Why a Culture of Hatred? - TWNow

The world appears to be filled with an increasing amount of hatred. Arabs hate Jews and the West, Sunni Arabs hate Shia Arabs, ethnic groups hate different ethnic groups, republicans hate democrats, liberals hate conservatives, populists hate the elite. Why do we see so much hatred today and are there any solutions? Or, will the world just spiral in a cycle of hate and destroy itself? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO