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Where Did Satan The Devil Come From?... Lucifer's Rebellion



You may have heard the saying, "A deceived man doesn't know he's deceived." In this world of religious confusion, do you know the important steps you can take to avoid being duped by one of Satan's counterfeit religions—even a counterfeit Christianity? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The End of Morality?

How important is morality to you? Did you know that among Canadians, according to an Angus Reid pole, an astounding 40% (almost half) don’t even view the word morality as having a positive meaning? Have morals had a positive impact on your life? This is a question we can ask before even having a discussion as to what may or may not constitute proper morals. Does living with a concrete code of conduct outlining right from wrong, good from bad and, helpful from harmful improve or impede life? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

How to Pray to God Better - 5 Keys for a Successful Prayer Life

There is a privilege far more valuable than riches, fame, and power, that provides insight into the very purpose of life. That special privilege and freedom is to talk with the Ruler of the Universe. Your Bible reveals the keys to answered prayer. The God of heaven is offering you awesome benefits and blessings. You need to know how you can have those blessings free of charge, through the powerful privilege of prayer. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Scourge of Loneliness

In January 2018 the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced the creation of a new ministerial portfolio in her cabinet for the purpose of combating loneliness. Melissa Healy from the LA Times wrote, “The country that put the starch in "stiff upper lip" has made companionship, conversation and human contact a national priority.” Loneliness according to Theresa May is a scourge on society and statistics bear that out. How do we combat the scourge of loneliness? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Origins of Gender Identity

In May 2017 the Canadian Human Rights Commission amended the Human Rights Act to incorporate 'gender identity and gender expression' under the list of terms which are protected from discrimination. What are the origins of gender identity and where did the concept of gender begin to stray from early dictionary definitions? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Was Jesus Married?


Britain and America's Shared History of Migration

The recent migrant crisis in Europe provides ample proof that warfare, starvation, and the pursuit of a better life drive migration. More than a million and a half refugees have travelled to Europe since 2014. The United States has been a beacon for migrants for almost 250 years. Migration is nothing new for the British and American peoples. Let’s explore Britain and America’s shared history of migration. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Future Shocks!

What if you could tell the future? Who doesn't want to know what's ahead and where our world is headed? Believe it or not, there is a source that does reveal the future in detail and in easy to understand language, the Bible. Many will hear the phrase Bible prophecy and immediately tune out. The burden of proof is on us to show clear evidence of specific prophecies that are either already being fulfilled, or are unfolding before our very eyes. This program contains five clearly stated predictions! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Will Jerusalem Survive?

The Middle East has been in turmoil for decades, and many who follow world news wonder what will happen next. The nation of Israel, and its chief city Jerusalem, are at the core of many Middle Eastern struggles. End-time Bible prophecies focus on dramatic events to take place in the Middle East and Jerusalem. Will the climax of the ages catch you off guard? Will Jerusalem survive? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Should doctors help their patients die? - TWNow Episode_93

The Hippocratic Oath taken by many doctors at the start of their career is a promise to take care of their patients and essentially "Do no harm." How does this oath fit with a society where the "right to life" is evolving into "the right to die?” Do we have an “inherent right” to end our own life and even the life of our sick children? And, should doctors help? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

TW Answers--What IS Armageddon?

The term 'Armageddon' has become synonymous with 'the end of the world.' But what does the Bible say, what is Armageddon? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Who Are the End-Time Superpowers?

History has been shaped by world superpowers that have dominated global politics. What superpowers will rule the world in the days leading up to the return of Jesus Christ? Will a rising European power be led by the coming Beast of Revelation? Bible prophecy answers these questions in astonishing detail! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Is Today Your Last Chance for Salvation? - TWNow Episode_92

According to the teachings of most of modern Christianity, TODAY is the only day of salvation. Once you die, your opportunity for eternal life is lost. But is that teaching correct? What really happens to those who do not receive salvation in this life? Is TODAY really your “last chance” for salvation? What does YOUR Bible really say about this topic? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Where Did the Universe Come From?

As physicists and cosmologists piece together the history of the cosmos as best they can, they run into an uncomfortable question: Just where did the universe come from? After all, the universe is EVERYTHING. It would be very convenient for scientists looking to avoid the need for a Creator to be able to say that somehow the universe has simply always been here. But the science is telling the scientists something else: It hasn’t always been here. It all had a beginning. It all came into existence… from nothing. So, just how do you get everything—all time, space, matter, and energy—literally everything—from nothing? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

What's in a Name

In Shakespeare's famous play, Juliet asks Romeo "What's in a name?" What about your name, do you have a good reputation? Juliet was telling Romeo that a name itself is an artificial and meaningless convention, and that the name did not make the man! But a name is important in terms of reputation and the choices we make can ruin it! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Is the Earth 6000 Years Old?

Current estimates place the age of the earth at 4.5 billion years. However, many claim that God created it 6000 years ago. That's quite the difference. Could the planet really be only 6000 years old? Does the Bible even support such a claim? For many, the first few verses in Genesis provide a concrete answer. Is there something that many miss when reading this passage? Do we have to choose between the scientific evidence of the earth's age and the creation account in the Bible? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Am I Going to Hell?

Are you going to burn in hell for eternity or have you been good enough to go to heaven as your reward? I've got news for you, most religions have been misrepresenting what the bible says and neither of these outcomes is true. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Constantine and Christianity

The story of early Christianity is a story of struggle, persecution and martyrdom, often at the hands of the ruling government. Yet, less than 300 years after the founding of the Church, Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the official religion of the most powerful empire the world had ever known. Who was Constantine and why did he claim to be a Christian? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Was Moses Jewish?

Certain aspects of this epic tale, the Ten plagues of Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea and Moses descending from the top of Mount Sinai with tablets of stone etched with the Ten Commandments in hand, are familiar details for most. However, if you were to read through the account of the Exodus in the King James version of the Bible you may be surprised to find one term missing. The word Jew along with Jews, or Jewish, is nowhere to be found in the book of Exodus. This leaves us with one question—Was Moses Jewish? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Who Named the Days of the Week?

Why is Thursday called Thursday? Why is Saturday Saturday? While many recognize Thursday as being derived from "Thor's Day" in reference to the Norse God, the names for the other days of the week are also rich in meaning. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Are You a Good Person?

Do you consider yourself to be a moral person? What makes one person stand out as being a good all around person, while another is labelled as a degenerate? Many describe morality as whatever seems right at the time, but does that make sense? Can we find a standard model for morality? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO