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Why Are Nations Going to the Moon? - TWNow

Space captivates imaginations and minds of many dreamers. Yet an increasing number of nations are no longer dreaming of space - they are going to space! Why are so many nations going to space and even to the moon? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Four Feasts of the Lord EXPLAINED: Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles, Last Great Day

These are the same Days and Festivals observed by Jesus, His Apostles, and the Church of God from the first century until now. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Caractéristiques bibliques de la vraie Église de Dieu

The Six Day War

In June of 1967, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon all attacked the small nation-state of Israel in what is now called The Six Day War. To the shock of many, Israel beat back these attacks and come out of the conflict after only 6 days of fighting, the clear victor. How did Israel win the Six Day War? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Saints Will Stand Before God's Throne in Heaven


The Importance of Character: Remembering and Applying the Lessons of History


Our Battle With Satan


The SEVEN MAIN WAYS to Understand the Mysteries of the Bible! (Also Get This FREE Bible Study Guide)

Perhaps this book is the most mysterious book in the world. It has been the world’s best-selling book. Parts of the Bible have been translated into more than 3,200 of the world’s languages, and 636 languages have a full translation available. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Quel monde aimez-vous ?

Who is Burning in Hell? - TWNow

An eternally burning hellfire is a frightening concept that permeates modern Christianity. But, was this doctrine always part of Christian dogma? Is our modern understanding of hell fire even fully biblical? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Why Does God Allow Satan Access to Man? | TW Answers

The existence of a Satan is a source of many interesting questions. God is all powerful, and that includes having power over Satan. Yet Satan still has access to tempt and influence mankind? Why does God allow Satan to have such access to man? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Protect Your Mind


Are Cities Going to Starve Us?

It is common to hear older individuals quipping that "kids these days don’t even know where food really comes from”, that “they think it just comes from the grocery store." As metropolitan areas like Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto continue to expand into nearby agricultural areas; we have to ask ourselves a question. Are mega cities good for the planet, or are they going to starve us? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Les trois paraboles de la fin

The Faith to NOT Be Healed


Could your city go to war over water?

Nations around the globe are fighting over territory, power, and oil. But are there other natural resources that will force future wars? Will water be the next trigger? When we look around the globe we hear of “wars and rumors of wars.” But few of us think about wars over natural resources like water. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Are Britain and the United States in the Bible? - TWNow

Britain and the United States have been global superpowers yet the sun is setting on their empires. Will these two historically powerful nations rise again? What does the Bible have to say about these two nations specifically? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Prodigal Son Syndrome


Life after Death: What Exactly Does the Bible Say about Our Spirit - Is It Immortal or Not?

What happens when you die? Is there an afterlife? Do you have an immortal soul that wafts off to heaven or descends into an ever-burning hell fire? More fundamentally, WHY do you believe what you do regarding life after death? Where did your ideas come from? You may think you know, but don’t be too sure. Common views about heaven, hell, and purgatory do not come from the Bible CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

2019 selon les prophéties bibliques

Tous les ans, nous vous donnons des tendances et des choses spécifiques à surveiller pendant l’année. Mais aujourd’hui, nous allons vous dire ce qui ne vas pas se produire en 2019. Cela peut sembler simple en apparence, pourtant ces choses vont arriver… mais pas en 2019. En nous basant sur les prédictions d’un livre appelé la Bible, nous savons dans quelle direction notre monde se dirige et quelle sera l’issue.

La prophétie à propos du lieu de refuge

From Babylon to A United Europe

The ancient Babylonians had an almost symbiotic relationship between religion and government that lasted for millennia. Yet it can be found even to this day as it bubbles away almost unnoticed under the banner of a united Europe. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO