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What Is Your Red Sea?


America's Fall and Europe's Rise

No one was ready for the magnitude of the meltdown of the world banking system, which led to huge cash bailouts for some, and tragic bankruptcies for others. For decades, the United States has been an "economic empire," but its power is waning fast -- and other nations are poised to fill the gap. Some expect China or Russia to take the lead, but Bible prophecy reveals that Europe will soon be the world's leading superpower! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Christ's Second Coming

The greatest event in modern history is soon to occur! Will you and your family be ready for this event? This event is Christ’s second coming. When did He come the first time? Was it December 25th? Or, was it September? And why will He come again? You need to know! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Judgment Day on the Nations

Nations rise and fall! Will our Western nations continue to prosper, or will they follow the pattern of history? Will God judge the nations? Will any nation survive God’s judgment during the future Day of the Lord? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Why Extreme Weather?


What is the Feast of Unleavened Bread?

How many people have heard of the Feast of Unleavened Bread referenced in the Bible? Is this just an "old covenant" Feast of bygone millennia, or is it a biblical Feast that God still expects us to keep today? And what does this Feast mean for those who choose to keep it? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Abortion: Is It Right to Abort a Zygote?

When does life begin, or when are you considered a person? These are the questions that have been posed on both sides of the abortion debate. At the root of the matter is a zygote, a single cell formed as fertilization occurs between the union of an egg and sperm cell. Is it right to abort a zygote? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Beyond World War III

Your Bible prophesies a coming time of great turmoil for the earth. But there is good news on the horizon. After the turmoil, Jesus Christ will return to establish the Kingdom of God on the earth. You and your loved ones can be part of that Kingdom! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Where Did We Go Wrong?


Prayers and Promises

Have you ever claimed God’s promises in prayer? We all have needs: physical, social, educational and spiritual. And God knows our every need. But do we rely on our Creator to fulfil our needs? How can we claim God’s promises? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Where Do Easter Eggs Come From?

Each year, countless children will wake up and begin searching their property for colourful eggs supposedly laid by rabbits. What do these eggs have to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Where do Easter eggs come from? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The New Jerusalem

Jerusalem has long been a focal point of conflict in the war-torn Middle East. Yet this troubled city will one day become the capital of planet Earth! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

MY FAVORITE EASY UNLEAVENED BREAD RECIPE - Unleavened Flat Bread - Yeast Free and Quick

This is the recipe I use to make unleavened bread every morning for my wife and myself during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. It is easy and quick and quite tasty! CLICK ABOVE TO WATCH THE 5 MINUTE VIDEO
It is actually possible to link the scriptures together and plot them on a timeline, proving the three full days and three full nights Jesus was in the grave. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The End of the World?

Are we on a path to inevitable nuclear, chemical, biological, political, military and societal catastrophes that will bring our civilization to an end? Your Bible has the answer! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Foot-Washing Attitudes


Darwin's Legacy

Published in 1859, On the Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin has been referred to as “one of the most important books ever written.” It has truly changed the world. It is difficult to quantify how much of our thinking has been influenced by the evolutionary explanation for life. Has this change been for the better? 150 years later, what is the real legacy of Darwin’s teachings? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Are They All Lost Forever?

A cold hard fact of life is that the vast majority of humanity has died without believing in any way the message of Jesus Christ. Indeed, countless numbers have lived and died without hearing a single mention of His name. Perhaps this enormous number of non-Christians include some of your dead ancestors or relatives, perhaps a parent or grand-parent or even a child. Are all of these people lost forever? What does your Bible REALLY say? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Devil's Deadly Deceptions

One of the greatest tricks Satan has pulled, is having people believe he does not exist. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

How Will the UK Fare After Brexit?


Is Christmas Christian?

What would Jesus Christ say about the festivities going on in His name each year? What does your Bible say about Christ’s birth? You need to know! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Do We Have the Right to Die?

In June 2016, the Canadian Parliament passed legislation legalizing a framework that permitted medically assisted dying in Canada. Formerly, any act to assist in the suicide of another, or even counselling a person to end their life, was prohibited under law. Canada has now joined several other countries in which medically assisted death is allowed, including several U.S. states. Such laws allow or force medical staff to expand their services from assisting the sick to recover, to assisting in the killing of a patient. There are many who view this service as right, needed by those who are suffering severely and have no hope of recovery. They view it as an act of mercy. Others feel passionately that legalizing a procedure to terminate the lives of the suffering as a devaluation of human life, and fear that in the future such can be used to eliminate the need to care for the elderly, the severely disabled and the vulnerable of society. Who is right? Is assisted death liberating or an

TW Short: The Miracle of Dunkirk


Will Democracy Die? - TWNow

Democracy could be one of the most stable forms of humanly created government. Globally, democracies have brought great peace, stability, and abundance to much of the world. Yet many democracies seem to be faltering under changing morals, social norms and geopolitical pressures. And many "strong man" leaders seem to be usurping the powers of the people. What is the future of the democracy? Could democracy die? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

What Happened to Right and Wrong?

Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, whether you agree with it or not—it’s still true: Right and Wrong aren’t what they used to be. The moral standards that have been taken for granted—in some cases for Millennia—are changing. The very bedrock of morality is vanishing under our feet. What is at the heart of this historic change? And where will this confusion end? What Happened to Right and Wrong? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Interview: How Does Carbon Dioxide Affect the Climate?

Continuing on the subject of climate change and our interview with Mr. John Meakin, this video examines the importance of carbon dioxide and whether its atmopheric increase is caused by human activity. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Keys to Happiness

All of us want to be happy, but true lasting happiness alludes many. Are you truly happy? Discover 5 biblical keys that promise to lead to true happiness. These keys can give you direction, meaning and purpose. They can also add greater richness to an already happy life. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Easter: The Untold Story

We all know that rabbits don’t really lay eggs. But what is really behind Easter and the popular customs surrounding it? You need to know! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO