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God's Master Plan

God has given human beings a series of vital annual milestones to help us understand what He is doing here on the earth. Do you know what they are? The answer may surprise you! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Combien de temps a duré chaque jour de la création?

Fiestas Santas de Dios 1

Исполнились два библейских пророчества: завоевание Киром Вавилона и Перв...

Coming Soon - God's New World

For thousands of years, mankind has tried to create its own systems of government, commerce, human relations and even religion. And what has been the result? Conflict, violence, chaos and death! But your Bible foretells of a time, coming soon, when the returning Jesus Christ will establish peace on planet Earth as never before! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Six mythes au sujet des anges et des démons

Mucho mejor que el cielo


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The Shallows of Counterfeit Faith

Que se passe-t-il après la mort?


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Des êtres spirituels vont-ils gouverner le monde?

El Milagro de Dunkerque

Is God Calling You?

Have you felt repentance for your sins? Have you begun to understand your need for salvation? If so, how can you be sure? And what should you do in response? You need to know! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Dieu est-Il en train de vous appeler?

Después que retorne Cristo

Armageddon is Coming Soon!

Your Bible warns of a terrible battle among the nations at the end of this present age. Commonly called the "Battle of Armageddon," it is much misunderstood by most Christians. Will you be ready when it comes—or will you have a way of escape? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

El mundo de ángeles y demonios

Will the Beast Rise in Europe?

Your Bible describes a mysterious "Beast" that will rise at the end of this age. Some have wondered if the Beast will emerge from Russia, or from the United States. Scripture, however, reveals the role Europe will play in this powerful end-time prophecy! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

¿Qué pasó con lo bueno y lo malo?

What Is a True Christian?

Have you ever heard someone say, “If he’s a Christian, I don’t want any part of it.” That reaction is understandable, but is it rational? Should one believe in God, or in a particular Church based on the poor behavior of one who claims to be an adherent? And what is Christianity anyway? Is it a set of beliefs? Is it a way of life? How can you know, and does it matter?  CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

El gran Dios de la creación

The Beast of Revelation: Myth, Metaphor or Soon-Coming Reality?

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Quatorze signes annonçant le retour du Christ

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El falso cristianismo, un engaño satánico

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Five Bible Predictions About the Middle East: Regrettably it Will Get Wo...

Erreurs et vérité

3 días y 3 noches en la tumba

Will Christians Be Raptured?

How will Jesus Christ protect His people from prophesied end-time terrors? Will our world face chaos as Christian jet pilots and bus drivers disappear in the blink of an eye? Or does God have something else in mind? You need to know what the Bible says! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

La advertencia del atalaya

Who Is the Antichrist: Two Critical Facts to Know BEFORE the Final One S...

4 Lessons Jesus Taught About the Sabbath

Qui est le Dieu réel?

7 Fiestas Bíblicas

Debunking FOUR Common Prophetic Misconceptions

La précieuse confiance en Dieu

Por qué hay climas extremos?

“...maldita será la tierra por tu causa..." Génesis 3: 17 ¿Están pronosticados en la Biblia los trastornos climáticos que estamos experimentando? ¿Por qué hizo Dios la tierra tan peligrosa? ¿Es la supervivencia en la tierra un juego de azar? ¡Acompáñenos!

How To Watch World Events

Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, and all sorts of disasters are increasing all around the world. There is news of mounting food shortages, and long-established governments are facing overthrow by militants. How do these events fit into the overall picture of end-time prophecy? What do they reveal about the return of Jesus Christ? You need to know how to watch prophetic events! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Le futur de l'Europe et l'espérance du Royaume - 1ère partie

Falsificación y encubrimiento

Настоящий Армагеддон

Beware of Satan’s Deceptions

Those who are deceived do not know they are deceived, but God’s word reveals how you can recognize the truth—and live by that truth! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Un nouveau monde sans honte


Откуда берутся погодные катаклизмы?

Pagan Holidays or God's Holy Days?

Qu’est-ce qu’Harmaguédon?

¿Qué pasa cuando uno muere?

Три шага к душевному спокойствию через личную молитву

Escape the Great Tribulation! [DVD]

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[Old footage] For Years We Said COVID like Pandemics Were Coming! How Di...

L'espérance de ceux qui sont morts!

¿Qué pasó con lo bueno y lo malo?

Откройте библейские пророчества!


Why were you born? What is the purpose of life? Click on pic above to read this free booklet


Pourquoi êtes-vous né ? Quel est le but de la vie ? Cliquez sur l'image ci-dessus pour lire ce livret gratuit

Asombrosas profecías bíblicas cumplidas

Кто заменил субботу на воскресенье?

Un plan magistral

¿Por qué ignorar el evangelio?

2021 год в библейских пророчествах: следите за этой важной тенденцией .....

The Five MAIN Ways to Know God Better

Avez-vous la paix d'esprit?

¿Sobrevivirá Jerusalén?

Падет ли цивилизация?