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The Role of the Chosen People


The Return of Paganism - TWNow

While most “orthodox” or “mainstream” religions are shrinking in their numbers, we are witnessing a return to pagan religions. Why is this happening and how does it affect you? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Entropy and Creation

According to some of the world’s leading mathematicians and scientists, the development of life could not have been a “chance” event, but required an intelligent instigation. Much of the debate surrounding the issue hinges on the question of whether or not entropy applies to the earth as a closed system. Does the law of Entropy support Creation? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Passover - Was It Just for the Jews? — TWNow Episode_54

In this week’s episode of TWNow, Jonathan McNair, Dexter Wakefield, and Gerald Weston discuss the Spring Holy Days. Is Easter a day that Christians need to keep? Should observant Christians be keeping the Passover instead of Easter? Where did the Easter holiday come from? What does Jesus reveal about His life and death through the Holy Days that are listed in Leviticus 23 and Deuteronomy 16? You need to know the truth about God’s Holy Days! They are a vital part of understanding God’s plan for everyone. Be sure not to miss this week’s show. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Bigger Than the Game

Sandy Koufax was arguably the best left handed pitcher in major league baseball history. As many older fans know, he is also famous for something he did off the field. October 6, 1965 was the first day of the World Series and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ best pitcher was a no show. Why? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Two Trees


The Death of the Environment? - TWNow

Plastic, air pollution, water pollution, light pollution, noise pollution, species population reduction and extinction, farm runoff, manufacturing waste, human waste... there are so many threats to the environment today. Some have even claimed that certain elements of the environment may soon disappear. Will the environment die? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Will You Escape the Day of the Lord?

Prophets, astrologers, and seers have predicted the end of the world. And we have not believed them. But scientists, such as the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, also warn of cosmic catastrophes! These scientists have set the symbolic Doomsday Clock to two minutes before midnight! The Day of the Lord prophesied in your Bible is surely coming on planet Earth. Will you escape the Day of the Lord? You can, if you follow the instructions in your Bible. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

TW Answers: Does the Bible Command Infant Baptism?

The practice of baptizing babies and young children has been a long standing tradition in some Christian churches. We are often asked if this practice is indeed Biblical, let's answer this question from the Bible itself. So, Does the Bible Command Infant Baptism? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Jerusalem: City of Peace

Why is there so much conflict over the city of Jerusalem? Your Bible reveals dramatic end-time events that will shake this historic city. How will they affect you and your loved ones? You need to know! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The Apostles' Prophetic Journeys

Jesus Christ commissioned His disciples to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. They witnessed across Europe and Asia, bringing Christ's message to scattered Jewish communities and the "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel, as well as to the Gentiles. The history of their preaching reveals important truths that can enrich our understanding of Christianity today. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Death, Resurrection, and Your Future

Millions mourn their family and friends who died at war, fighting for their nations and to uphold their values. Others feel the pain of losing their loved ones to disease or illness. We feel their loss, but what happens to them? Are they in heaven or hell right now? Will you ever see them again? What if they did not practice the right religion? Your Bible reveals wonderful hope-filled truth about the future that very few today understand! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

How to Be a Great Parent or Grandparent - TWNow

Parenting and grandparenting are both a responsibility and a privilege. These are arguably two of the most important roles one will ever fill - with the power to positively or negatively impact future generations. How can one become a great parent and even a great grandparent? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Who is the Great Harlot of Revelation?


Where are the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?

Much of the history of the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah are well known. Preserved in the Bible is an epic anthology from the birth of this storied nation to the division, collapse, and ultimate captivities of the Israelite and Jewish peoples. While the Bible details the Jews’ return to their homeland, the northern kingdom of Israel seemingly became lost to history. What happened to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

How to Know When Christ Will Return

Your Bible clearly reveals that Jesus Christ will return to planet Earth as King of Kings! He will set up a genuine government of God, right here on Earth. But do you know when He will return? Do you know what signs to watch for? Your Bible gives specific signs revealing that Jesus Christ will return very soon. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Three Days, Three Nights, One Messiah

Easter is a time when many choose to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ – the Messiah.  But, one Easter tradition actually denies that Jesus is the Messiah!  Let’s examine some of the customs associated with Easter and let’s examine one very important element of Easter that many claim to believe in, but which actually denies that Jesus is the Messiah! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Are These the Last Days?

Many people recognize that the days we are now living in are more than just "unusual." These days mark the soon-coming end of a world that has brought suffering and misery to many. But there is good news on the horizon! Jesus Christ is preparing right now to return to planet Earth, as King of kings and Lord of lords, to bring peace and joy to our world! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

How to Cope with Death - TWNow Episode_101

Death is a natural part of life but it is also a difficult and tragic part of life, for most. What are important keys to successfully coping with the death of a loved one? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Is the Kingdom of God Within You?

According to the Bible, the central message that Jesus delivered, and one which His disciples later disseminated, was the teaching of the Kingdom of God. While any scriptures in the Old and New Testaments speak of this as a literal kingdom, many are confused on this point, believing it is a kingdom in the heart of man or it is a church presently on the earth today.  Some of this confusions comes from a misunderstanding of Luke 17:20-21 "For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you." So, is the kingdom of God within you? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Who IS Jesus?

There are hundreds, even thousands, of denominations that claim to be following Jesus Christ. Yet they teach many conflicting doctrines, and hold very different ideas about Jesus Christ. They cannot all be right, so how can we be sure who is really following the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, and who is following a false "Christ" who will lead his victims astray? The good news is that you can identify the true Jesus Christ, if you know how! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Does Science Support Evolutionary Theory?

There is an assumption made in most schools, universities and even in the production of documentaries on nature, that all scientists are unanimous in their belief that life as we know it on earth, evolved over time from rudimentary non-life into viruses and cells that then, over eons of time, developed into the lifeforms we know today. Is this assumption correct? Does science support Evolutionary Theory? CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

BREXIT and Biblical Prophecy - TWNow Episode_100